Let’s be honest… No one really wants to INVEST in themselves!! True story… I’ve tried to “Google” on every business related topic on how to start a profitable business. I’ve also signed up for every freebie webinar, tip sheet, or eBook someone had to offer. Even though I received little “drips” and “nuggets”, I’ve never received step by step training and guidance until I Invested into business mentors and coaching programs myself. This level of “in depth”, one on one guidance and encouragement was a game changer for me! I started to think and play BIG instead of small…
Using what I’ve learned from other dynamic coaches and their programs has placed me in a position to be a true service to others. Please note: Not all coaches are creative equal. While many are in this industry for solely financial gain, I receive great joy and satisfaction helping others gets crystal clear on their dreams to achieve higher heights in their dreams and purposes.

The process is pretty simple!! 3 awesome options to choose from

Sign up for a complementary 15 min discovery call and find out how we can:
Streamline your focus, and get increased clarity in your plans.


Intensive (1hr) focused training ($150).
For those who are ready to work on those specific goals RIGHT NOW, invest in yourself and sign up for our Intensive focused training! Together, we can quickly translate your vision into a successful scratch business plan that you can utilize NOW!!
1) Discuss potential road blocks, and hindrances that will keep you from success.
2) Leave the call “laser focused” with ideas to utilize for profit generation IMMEDIATELY.
3) Emailed notes and tips of our discussion

…and our 3rd option:

Group program rates (6 weeks) — Group programs are for ongoing support and assistance with other participants where you can receive a deeper, step by step formula for success. Participants must participate in weekly exercises and weekly calls. There will be opportunities to network and interact with other participants that are just like you—up and Coming Bosses who are ready for MORE!

*** Request the Contact us tab for discovery call, focused training or group program. We will send you an invoice and link for pay pal (Intensive focused/group), and a questionnaire for all options. Using this method gives us basic information on you, and makes the optimal use of our time. Chana’ will contact you via email with details of meeting calls, times, and contact number.