Support, encouragement, and guidance for every stage of marriage!



** Has Difficulty communicating and understanding your husband’s needs?

**Has lost faith in your marriage with your Husband?

**No longer trust your Husband due to infidelity, Lies and Poor financial decisions?

**Feels that separation or divorce is a LOGICAL decision?

As a Certified Life coach and wife who have experienced many difficult situations listed above, I totally understand the pain, bitterness, and confusion these feelings can cause. Send me a message: Lets navigate your feelings, and explore how I can assist you to turn your situation around. Group rates and 1:1 sessions are available.


Stay tuned for the next workshop open to engaged/newly wed women who wants additional clarity and guidance with your new role as wife! (Not to replace official “Marital counseling” from your Pastor). This fun but informative workshop takes your eyes away from the wedding preparations (for a moment) and discuss key biblical and practical duties and responsibilities of your new role.